Photography as a tool for Social Impact

When we think about photography most people usually think about casual imagery for social media. However it is so much more. Throughout history photography has not only been used as a tool to document your immediate surroundings, but also a powerful tool for change, an instrument of social impact.

In this episode we dig into how photography can be used for social impact and how it can be used to pursue sustainable change.

Welcome to Blazon. This week I’m talking to JC Candanedo, who is a London-based Visual Artist. JC uses photography to explore Human Rights, Mental Health, and Identity. These themes influence his commercial work in Fashion, Beauty and Portraiture. 

You can find JC online at:

  • Website:
  • Instagram: @jccandanedo
  • Patreon: @jccandanedo

You can also read a transcription of this interview over in our Journal or by clicking here at Photography as a tool for Social Impact.


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