A Stylist and Creative Entrepreneur’s Journey

As a creative sometimes you follow the path that appears in front of you… some creatives though carve their own path through sheer determination and clear intentions; creating a journey filled with experimentation, adventure, hope, inclusion, joy, determination and everything in between.

In this episode we talk to Rhona Ezuma who gives us an insight into carving such a path, talking to us not only about her journey as a stylist, but also founding an independent magazine that highlights communities commonly overlooked and ignored.

Rhona is a stylist, writer and founder of THIIIRD, an independent magazine and inclusive platform amplifying underrepresented voices in print and online. Based in London with a versatile book of clients, she regularly works between the realms of commercial campaigns, music, magazine and celebrity styling.

You can find Rhona online at:

  • Website: rhonaezuma.com
  • Website: thiiirdmagazine.co.uk
  • Instagram: @roena
  • Instagram: @thiiirdmagazine


You can also read a transcription of this interview over in our Journal or by clicking here at A Stylist and Creative Entrepreneur’s Journey.

Rhona Ezuma

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