A Photographer's Journey

You don’t wake up one day fully turned out as an expert, as a professional photographer. It is a journey many experts and professionals in their fields are familiar with. It’s a journey involving wonder, magic, missteps, pain and adventure that binds us to our professions and creates a bond only an expert in their field would truly understand.

On this episode we talk to Joel Rodriguez who gives us a candid insight into his journey as a photographer; talking to us about his adventure.

Welcome to Blazon.  Joel is a photographer from Venezuela who is based in London. He uses arts, lighting and colours for inspiration and enjoys creating images with meaning. He uses a dark, colourful and cinematic style to create his imagery. 

You can find Joel online at:

  • Website: www.jolro.com
  • Instagram: @JOLRO

You can also read a transcription of this interview over in our Journal or by clicking here at A Photographer’s Journey.


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